Olga Makarenko
Taras Zhilinsky
Alexander Karlenkov
The head of the projector
Natalya Egorova
CEO's assistant
Evgeniya Korotkova
Chief Accountant
Denis Perevezentsev
Lead Engineer-Estimator
Matvei Bogdanov
Main expert
Alina Yasinskaya
Head of architectural department
Vladimir Ursul
Lead architect
Lyudmila Lykova
Lead architect
Elena Burova
Architect of the 1st category
Elena Makarenko
Deputy General Director
Ilmira Orlova
Head of the Estimate Department
Svetlana Miller
Head of HR department
Anastasia Sakharova
Architect of the 1st category
Vasily Ilyinykh
Architect of the 1st category
Oleg Fokin
Main expert
Alexander Rysin
Chief Engineer of the project
Ivan Makhov
Head of Engineering Department
Dmitry Dubrovin
Lead engineer constructor
Maria Arkhipova
Diana Chakhkieva
Anna Rydvanova
Cost Estimate Engineer
Polina Guskova
Mikhail Shechter
Oleg Andreev
Lyudmila Bykovskaya
Sarkis Shirinyan

Magly Project is an architectural landscape design company.

We create landscape architecture, public spaces and urban design. Magly Project works with different types of urban objects - from streets and squares to parks and ecological zones.

MAGLY PROJECT was founded in 1993 at the turn of the formation of the landscape industry in Russia. Initially, it was a small multifunctional organization MAGLY, which provided services of design and construction for private and urban facilities. In 2012, the improvement department grew into an independent organization. We began to carry out works on the improvement and landscaping of parks, squares, public spaces and streets in Moscow.